Luxury Watch Repair Toronto

For over 25 years we have specialized in luxury watch repair in Toronto. The cornerstone of our business worldwide has been the assembly, repair, restoration and maintenance of the world’s best and most intricate timepieces.

Fawaz has been contracted by legendary watch retailers, brokers, sourcing agents and owners from several countries to handle the most difficult procedures on the most complex watch assemblies.

Your watch deserves a similar standard of care, whatever its purchase price! Visit Sun Time today to arrange for the repair, restoration or maintenance of your timepiece. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover how valuable your timepiece really is once cared for under the expert eyes of a craftsman.

If you have any concerns about the care, maintenance, improvement, repair or restoration of your timepiece, simply bring it to our retail location for Fawaz to review. Or call us at 1.416.471.5088.

Sell with Sun Time

Please contact us to arrange for an evaluation of your timepiece that is rapid, honest, and likely to be of superior value to you. If you obtain an evaluation from us, we would encourage you to compare our offer to those of less sophisticated professionals to experience, first-hand, the Sun Time difference.


Watch customization is the art of altering the look and feel of a timepiece without compromising any aspect of functionality or longevity. To truly modify an elite timepiece, one has to understand how they are built.

Fawaz brings decades of experience in making watches to the art of modifying them, and is one of the few practitioners able to perform many otherwise “impossible” modifications using skills and equipment unavailable to others.

Please contact us and experience what is possible with an elite timepiece.