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Who Are We?

SunTime Luxury is owned and operated by legendary watchmaker Fawaz. Born to a family with 150 years experience restoring and trading world class timepieces, Fawaz has spent three decades mastering the watchmaking craft. He is one of the select few watchmakers certified in North America to maintain and restore numerous elite brands. Fawaz’ talent for elite restoration creates exceptional value in the price of any watch in the SunTime collection with absolutely no compromise on quality.

Only Fawaz can offer original timepieces restored to factory-quality, at prices unattainable elsewhere, and only Fawaz can trade from his collection to obtain exclusive new watches from his global acquisition network.

Please shop our collection, or visit us to repair, sell or maintain of your existing timepiece. Discover why those who know watches, know Fawaz.

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Restoration & Maintenance

If you own an elite timepiece, or just treasure a watch that has been part of your family, you might be surprised to discover the underlying value in the timepiece when restored by an elite watchmaker. Fawaz has unique equipment not found in conventional watch retail, and the training and certification to rebuild entire elite timepieces.

After 30 years of making many family dreams come true, perhaps you should take the time to bring your watch to Fawaz for a consultation and affordable restoration. Give yourself the gift of time again.

Restoration Maintenance


Many of us have felt the thrill of a bespoke suit – made from scratch with no pattern other than that belonging to you. Nothing announces to the world that you have truly arrived as the distinction offered by an elite quality garment tailored exclusively for you. Why not give yourself an even rarer calling card – the gift of a bespoke watch?

Fawaz can customize the smallest details of your watch with elite watchmaking skill to create a timepiece which is truly unique in the world, setting you apart from those who simply buy a brand everyone else has.

Visit our showroom to learn more about making your watch truly unique, or contact Fawaz to arrange for a bespoke consultation.



The reason to give SunTime the opportunity to purchase your timepiece is that our offer is likely to be higher than others. The secret? Our ability to restore watches gives us a higher end-price when we choose to sell or trade your timepiece, which gives us the ability to acquire your timepiece at a price more favourable to you.

Drop by our showroom to see if SunTime can make you the offer you cannot refuse.